‘Il Giardino dei Fossili'

NùeVù (Nadiya Yamnych, Walter E.Trento), in collaboration with Massimo Romanazzi

Nùevù approaches the project with an idea of nature that observes itself and displays its qualities through the intertwining of the gaze and the object. An installation along the neoclassical staircase of the right wing of Siam, leading to the space where the entire HoperAperta collection is on view.



Nùevù Studio. The design studio of the young creative director Nadiya Yamnych, an artist from the Ukraine, creates objects and spaces for living by working mainly with natural and sustainable materials. She works together with Walter E. Trento, specialized in the recovery of traditional crafts techniques, and Massimo Romanazziarchitect, active above all in the fields of graphic design, photography, video and theater.