Federico Spagnulo, in collaboration with Julia Marmi

Federico Spagnulo investigates the relationship that is created between signified and signifier in an everyday useful object. The tension and the complementary nature of these two protagonists of semantics determine a new way of imagining and constructing objects. The choice of meaning is based on a precious, fundamental legacy, the set of information contained in the human genome, which takes the form of a stone wall decoration.

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Studio Spagnulo and Partners. Founded in Milan by Federico Spagnulo with the collaboration of Alessandra Carbone and Andrea Spagnulo, the studio works above all in the field of architecture and interior design for luxury hotels and residences. Their many projects include collaboration with the Baglioni Hotels Group. The firm works with outstanding artisans to create site-specific works.

Julia Marmi is the Piasentina Stone: the fragrances and harshness of the stone have for decades been passed on from the hands of skilled stone-cutters to modern trials, mixing ancient knowledge and modern curiosities to offer unique pieces, carefully finished off, skillfully made from shapeless cube blocks to guarantee the highest quality. It is a natural stone known for its hardness and noble majesty and its particular shades of grey that make it both warm and cold, soft and hard, light or dark. This is the result of a bizarre natural event that occurred millions of years ago. It is a unique and attractive actress, which can be the main or complementary character, of monumental and picturesque exteriors and refined and welcoming interiors.