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 ‘The Many Faces of The Moon’

Alfonso Femia  / AF*design in collaboration with MR

“The Many Faces of the Moon,” in collaboration with MR and with the contribution of world-renowned artists, interprets the constant change of appearance and position of the moon, which in its orbit influences the growth and movement of elements on earth. The work by Babur Ismailov, Attraction of Artemis, and that of Robi Renzi, Peaks and Depths Platinum, join the contribution of MR, based on a project by AF*Design, to form a true triptych that captures the dynamic aspect of a kinetic work. The movement of the composition, in the simultaneous perception of the visions of all the artists, offers a new interpretation granted by the mutable relationships between the parts. Viewers interact with the elements, the reflections of the materials, the lights and shadows, forming their own perspectives: as in a montage of film frames, the faces of the Moon are placed in sequence, generating an always unique and personal vision.

An artistic installation that incorporates three visions of lunar matter. A waxed iron framework,330 cm at the base by 270 in height, defines the area of movement of the kinetic work, conceived by Alfonso Femia/ AF*Design in supermirror stainless steel. The moving parts trigger a relationship between the images of the moon and those of the visitors, in a kinetic interaction.


Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia. Presently considered one of the most important Italian architecture firms operating on an international level. The projects of Alfonso Femia (Frigoriferi Milanesi, the Marseille Docks, the BNL headquarters at Roma Tiburtina) focus on the value of the genius loci, triggering a relationship of empathy between architectural form and settlement context. The studio has received many prizes for architecture and extensive coverage in publications. The firm now has three offices: Genoa, Milan and Paris.  

MR. From metal to wood, to achieve an innovative imprinting in the field of design, three businessmen with their own backgrounds, to some extent unique and distant from each other due to different management analyses and choices, have decided to start MR srl.

Passepartout, Pifferi-Alpi and the entrepreneur Stefano Ronchetti, already operating as individual players in the field of metal and wood, have decided to join forces in a single brand to found a company whose portfolio comprises a list of the most important architects and world famous designers, able to renew and reinvent the spirit of the luxury market. Clients include Lord Norman Foster, Mario Bellini, Antonio Citterio, Peter Marino, Thomas Heatherwick, Italo Rota, Adam Tihany, Anthony Caro, Piotr Uklanski and many other