A PROJECT BY PATRIZIA CATALANO AND MAURIZIO BARBERIS. Presented by the 5vie district at SIAM, Società di Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri, the collection of signature pieces designed by Alfonso Femia / AF* Design, Duccio Grassi, Federico Spagnulo, Fabio Cammarata, Maurizio Barberis and NùeVù update the idea of decoration.

 For the Design Week in Milan, HoperAperta presented a collection created by 6 authors whose objects had been conceived, imagined and produced as one-offs. The authors, architetcts and art-designer had been invited to collaborate with companies to reinterpret the project as the result of research and discussion, in order to design the forms and materials of the decoration of space. Alfonso Femia, Duccio Grassi, Federico Spagnulo, Fabio Cammarata, NùeVù, Maurizio Barberis and Steve Piccolo, creative talents with different backgrounds, enter a dialogue on a single theme, each with their own vision of the world.

 An exhibition in which design dissolves into art and a new concept of decoration appears on the horizon, shifting the forms towards artifacts packed with symbolic value and a rediscovered narrative poetic. In HoperAperta, decoration becomes the foundation of forms and objects, through a reassignment of the original meaning of “decorum,” of its relationship with the telling of a story, many stories, past, present and future. Not a style, then, but a direction in which forms become part of a method that restores meaning and depth to the action of dwelling.

 HoperAperta is a choral effort which bring together different kinds of expertise, companies, architects, designers and artists, all invited to collaborate, on a single path whose destination is the transformation of a serial object (design) into a unique object (art-design), and a unique object into a work of art

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portrait_ Alfonso Femia_Simonetta Cenci .jpg

‘The Many Faces of The Moon’

Alfonso Femia / AF*design in collaboration with MR

The studio Alfonso Femia / AF*design, approaches the theme of the Lunar Codex in the year of the Moon, an installation that narrates its virtual aspects, a lunar triptych created incollaboration with the artists Babur Ismailov and Robi Renzi, in mirror-finish steel, as an allusion to the nature of the lunar surface.

‘Consolle Ryu’

Duccio Grassi in collaboration with Marmi Faedo, Oemmebi and Cromonichel

Duccio Grassi takes his cue from the benign myth of Ryu (the Japanese dragon) to investigate the relationship between light, volume and materials with a console/sculpture in acid-etched brass with a stone top.

portrait_Duccio Grassi  .jpg
portrait_Fabio Cammarata_copyright Giovanni Gastel  .jpg


Fabio Cammarata in collaboration with CL Italia

Fabio Cammarata’s project focuses on the theme of memory: a box, Casciuniddu, gathers personal objects in a precious form in wood polished to a mirror finish with resin. The cover is in perforated wood with Roman cross decorations typical of the churches of southern Italy.

portrait_Maurizio Barberis  .jpg

‘Arnolfini’s Mirror’ & ‘The lighting box’

Maurizio Barberis in collaboration with Officine Tamborrino and CL Italia

Arnolfini’s Mirror, by Maurizio Barberis, concentrates on the relationship between the work of art and its staging. The Lighting Box extends the concept of the frame, opening the work to an everyday useful object and integrating it in a form of domestic furniture, namely a console.


portrait_Nùevù Studio   .jpg

‘Il Giardino dei Fossili'

NùeVù by Nadiya Yamnych and Walter E.Trento, in collaboration with  Massimo Romanazzi

Nùevù approaches the project with an idea of nature that observes itself and displays its qualities through the intertwining of the gaze and the object.


Federico Spagnulo, in collaboration with Julia Marmi

Federico Spagnulo investigates the relationship that is created between signified and signifier in an everyday useful object. The tension and the complementary nature of these two protagonists of semantics determine a new way of imagining and constructing objects. 

portrait_Federico Spagnulo  .jpg

portrait_Steve Piccolo  .jpg

 'Same Difference' 

sound installation by Steve Piccolo

Sounds create a structure of reference in space and time, through an illusory dialogue between human beings and unexpected timbres.